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HIFU Double Chin

One of the problems that many people face, especially as they age or gain weight, is wrinkles on their face and loose skin. These wrinkles usually occur due to loose skin or the accumulation of fat in the area, including around ​​the neck.

This affects the shape and beauty of the face. This is why many of us eventually decide to get rid of our double chin. HIFU and losing weight have a close affinity with one another. As such HIFU treatment for double chin, also known as HIFU chin sculpting, is one of the best treatments available for a double chin that gets rid of the problem in the safest way possible.

In the past, the first option that was recommended to people who had a double chin problem was chin surgery. Still, the fear of surgery, the numerous complications of anesthesia, and the long recovery process were serious turn-offs both for therapists and beauticians, and people suffering from the problem.


Double chin HIFU treatment which is actually a subset of body sculpting with HIFU is a new method used to rejuvenate facial skin. This article intends to give a comprehensive overview of HIFU therapy and how it helps lift the skin and remove wrinkles and double chins.


Who Are the Suitable Candidates?

There is no age limit for double chin HIFU therapy, and most people are able to use this method. Note that double chin HIFU sculpting is suitable for relieving minor looseness of skin. Therefore, in cases where a person has severe looseness of the skin of the neck or a lot of fat has accumulated under the chin, it is recommended to try other treatments such as laser or surgery.

How Long Do the Results Last?

HIFU therapy is an excellent skin rejuvenation method with long-lasting results. If you are willing to change your lifestyle and diet after removing the double chin with HIFU therapy, the results may even last for the rest of your life.

Although in HIFU treatment, you may see results a bit later compared to other methods, the longevity of the results you get with HIFU double chin sculpting is much longer.

Suppose a person maintains a stable weight after removing the wrinkles and the double chin and uses skin care products to protect their skin against sunlight, environmental pollution, and other kinds of damage, and takes good care of their skin in general. In that case, one single HIFU treatment session may be enough!

How many sessions are required for chin HIFU therapy?

One treatment session is usually what it takes to remove the double chin with HIFU. However, it should be noted that the results depend on the process of collagen production in the body, and the client may be prescribed several sessions of HIFU to remove their double chin.

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