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Pink Glow Mesotherapy

Nourishes and evens out the colour of the skin,
recommended for tired and discoloured skin.

AREA Face, neck, décolletage PROCEDURE DURATION About 60 min FREQUENCY 6 treatments divide

Mesotherapy with Pink Glow

The unique formula of the Pink Glow cocktail

As many as 55 perfectly composed, high-quality and extraordinary ingredients combined into one amazing mesotherapy product. Pink Glow is made up of 23 amino acids, 13 vitamins, 6 minerals including magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium, 6 coenzymes, 5 nucleic acids, 2 antioxidants and an amazing hyaluronic acid that moisturises, firms and improves skin tone.

Minerals, vitamins and amino acids supported by peptides and antioxidants help to lighten discoloration, fight the effects of free radicals and most importantly, they deeply nourish the skin giving it a healthy, fresh look and reduce melanogenic factors, inhibit melanin synthesis and increase detoxification, which results in a beautiful and radiant look.

For whom

The Pink Glow treatment is mostly recommended for tired and discoloured skin. It works great in the fight against age spots, inflammation, uneven skin tone and melasma, i.e., discolouration from the sun, pregnancy, and hormones. In addition, the skin is well cleansed before the treatment. After it has been soothed with a nourishing serum and a soothing mask, a finishing cream is applied to the treatment area.



The Treatment three phases of extraordinary rejuvenation

We perform the treatment on previously cleansed skin, then for the comfort of the client, we use a cream anaesthetic. Pink Glow is applied to the skin of the face using the traditional injection mesotherapy method. To soothe the skin after the treatment, we use a serum, then a soothing mask and finally a finishing cream.

In order to obtain the best results, the treatment is performed in a series of 3, at intervals of 2-4 weeks.

Pink Glow treatment is carried out over a duration of three months which includes 6 treatment sessions in total. The more mature the skin, the more frequent treatments will be required.

The treatments are divided into three phases - two main phases and one

additional to maintain the effect.


Pink Glow Benefits

  • Nourishes facial skin

  • Improves the skins elasticity

  • Increases the level of hydration

  • Reduces acne scars

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Removes fatigue and dullness in the skin

  • Brightens discolorations

  • Brightens the skin

Pink Glow Indications

  • Discoloration

  • Acne and inflammation

  • Loss of radiance and healthy skin tone

  • Thin and dry skin

  • Rough grey skin

  • Tired skin (The smoker face)

  • Dark circles under the eyes

Before the treatment

  • The treatment does not require any special preparations.

  • The procedure will normally be preceded by an in-depth medical interview.

  • Chemical peels and strong cosmetic products should not be used in the area where the treatment will be performed for a few days before the treatment

  • You should not drink alcohol 48 hours before the procedure

  • Avoid strong heating of the body before the treatment (solarium, saunas, direct sunlight)

After the treatment

  • For 4 days, do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, or warm-up treatments.

  • It is recommended to use SPF 50 sunscreen creams

  • As with most of our cosmetic treatments, we recommend that you avoid vigorous exercise for 7 days following your procedure, we give up using the sauna, swimming pool, gyms, hot baths, solariums, and other places of a large group of people

  • Chemical peels and strong cosmetic products should not be used in the area where the treatment will be performed for a few days after the treatment

  • You should not drink alcohol for 24 hours

  • Make-up should not be done for 48 hours to prevent infection

  • It is important to strictly follow the rules of hygiene: dry your face with disposable towels, tone the skin, keep make-up brushes, and sponges clean, regularly change bath and hand towels, avoid touching your face, replace clean sheets for the post-treatment period.

Possible Side effects

  • Mild swelling in the area of application

  • Slight redness and small injection marks

  • Mild bruising due to skin pricking

  • Erythema, itching, irritation

  • All forms of allergic reactions to the products used during the treatment

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