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Face Lifting - Collagen Thread

Face Lifting - Collagen Thread

  • 45 min
  • From 50 Malaysian ringgits
  • Ires Beauty Aesthetic - Ara Damansara

Service Description

RM250 PER PCL THREAD WHAT IS THREAD LIFTING? The name is self explanatory. We use threads inserted at the fat layer beneath the skin to 'pull-lift' the sagging part. To further enhance the 'pulling' power, many threads are enhanced with barbs and cones to make their anchoring stronger. WHAT TYPE OF THREADS ARE AVAILABLE? Threads can be made of different materials such as PDO (blue colour), PLLA (transparent). PDO do produce more scarring collagen (Collagen type III) as compared to PLLA. Currently there is the latest thread that combines both PLLA and PCL, which in turn gives the strongest anchorage and collagen stimulating power. WHERE CAN IT BE USED? Threads are being used to lift many parts of the body in aesthetic world. Face sagging is the most common area used. Nose lift, breast lifting, buttock lifting, stretch marks etc can be treated with threads achieving certain results. BOOK FOR CONSULT WHO IS THIS TREATMENT FOR? Sagging face Facial Jowling Nasolabial fold improvement Fine lines and firming skin Jaw redefining Cheeks lifting Who Has Contraindication for Thread Facelift? People over the age of 50 with excessive facial sagging and deformation, Those who have very sensitive skin and cannot tolerate threading, For those with very thin subcutaneous tissue, It is not applied to pregnant women and clientss with active infections.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us within 24 hours.

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