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  • 45 min
  • From 50 Malaysian ringgits
  • Ires Beauty Aesthetic - Ara Damansara

Service Description

PRICE PER TREATMENT : RM1500 Plinest Treatment Plinest is a Polynucleotides (PN-HPT) injectable treatment which improves overall skin health. It promotes fibroblast and collagen production. Plinest restores skin rigidity and elasticity. Plinest Benefits Reduces Open Pores. Reduces Acne Scars. Reduces Fine Lines. How Plinest Can Help You Increase skin firmness, tone and elasticity. Regenerate and stimulate fibroblasts. Promote recovery of areas with hypertrophy fibrous component (such as acne scars). Renew genetic material DNA and RNA cells. Improve trophic conditions of the dermal matrix. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How many session do I need? Every individual is unique. Some may see noticeable result on first session. Generally patient requires an average of 3 total sessions to achieve desirable results. How long is the gap between sessions? Based on recommended protocol, between 2-3 weeks. How long is the procedure? The procedure takes between 15-20 minutes. Does it hurt? Topical anaesthesia will be applied prior to procedure. Patient can expect mild to moderate discomfort. Is there any downtime? There will be injection site marks, mild swelling and possibly bruising too. Downtime lasts 3-5 days depending on individual. We advise to stop blood-thinning supplements 5 days before procedure. When can I see results? Fibroblast proliferation is a process which takes time. It would not be immediately post treatment. Generally it takes at least about a week after your first session and better results can be observe after several sessions. Can Plinest treatment be combined with other injectable treatment? Yes you can. A multi-layer approach often will yield better results. More info will be provided during your consultation with our aesthetician. Contra Indications. We do not recommend this treatment to pregnant mothers and if you’re allergic to trout or salmon fish.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us within 24 hours.

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