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The terms and conditions, in general, are dependent on the treatment provided by the company. All the fees paid are dependent on the services not being result-specific. The services provided to the customer are based on the practitioner’s skill, knowledge, and experience. Due to different reactions regarding treatment changes from person to person, there is no specific guaranteed result. We seek complete satisfaction from the customer on the terms of services.

There is no refund policy regarding sub-optimal results; all the fees are directly paid for the services provided. These services include time given by professionals, cost of products, treatment provided, and other clinical approvals. Full fee submission is requested from the customer.

At the time of booking, the client is requested to deposit a RM50 amount of the total fee of the actual treatment price. This amount is adjustable while making the final bills. Please do not request a refund once you have confirmed the appointment. These terms and conditions build contact between the organization and the customer.

Missed Appointments & Cancellation Charges

  1. Cancellation charges would be initiated on the customer in last-minute cancellations or when the customer does not show up at the appointed time without prior information.

  2. These missed appointments negatively affect the company, leading to a time waste for the therapists and products that were completed for the treatment booked.

  3. In any case, if there is a chance of missing an appointment, please inform us 48 hours prior. This would result in using the time by offering the same slot to another client, and we can reschedule your booking to some other slots available.

  4. With no information given, we will instigate a cancellation fee with the RM50 deposit given at the time of booking, and there would be no refund possible. If we are provided with a proper reason for rescheduling your appointment before 48 hours, the amount would be added further to your treatment.

Deposits for Treatment

A RM50 amount of the treatment is to be deposited at booking. Please make sure to secure your appointment by depositing the amount. This amount will be adjusted further in your account once you take the treatment. If you do not appear for the treatment or do not reschedule the appointment, this deposit will be considered the cancellation fee to the company.

Problems and Complaints

We aim to bestow our clients with the best services. These services include looking at all the problems that may arise. For any query, complaint, feedback, or grievance, please feel free to contact our Aesthetic Practitioner. We work on our client support services, and your complaints/comments would be handled personally to provide the best possible support and resolution.

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